Top 5 Best Food Stalls in Shenton House

Located along Shenton Way, Shenton House is a commercial building comprising of numerous stalls serving scrumptious food. From Fish Soup to Biriyanis and Moon Cakes, this place has it all. Located close to Downtown MRT station, the Shenton House has unlimited stalls that serve different cuisines. We have compiled a list of the best food stalls housed in this busy building. Mostly frequented by working professionals during lunch, Shenton House Food Stalls are open till 4 P.M

Jaggis Northern Indian Cuisine

Jaggis Northern Indian Cuisine is one of the best Indian restaurant in Singapore which serves a wide variety of dishes. Chicken dum biryani is a speciality made of long grain rice cooked with various spices containing pieces of succulent chicken. Other dishes of this restaurant include Kebabs, Pakoras, Kalmi Kabab, Butter Chicken and different Indian bread such as Naan and Roti.
Fish Soup Stall
The Fish Soup Stall is one of the best stalls in Shenton House! The portion served in this restaurant are humongous, and there are huge pieces of tender fish in it that adds to the flavour of the soup. The soup contains tomato which enhances the taste of the soup. Overall, this soup is a good buy priced at $8-10, and if you wish to consume something healthy and hearty, you must go to this place.


Olive’s is a continental café that serves exceptionally appetising food. Dishes offered by this café includes Chicken Cutlet, Roast Chicken, Baked Fish, Chicken Chop, Mashed Potato, Coleslaw, Butter Rice, and sauces like Hot Salsa, Spicy Asian, Garlic Cream and Brown Sauce. The place does not look too swanky, but it offers food to satiate one’s palate. You can choose one main dish, two side orders and one sauce to complete a meal.

Teck Ee Economy Rice

Teck Ee Economy Rice is one of the most famous restaurants in Shenton house which is always swarming with people as it serves flavourful and tasty rice on economy rates. The queues at this stall are never-ending, and the rice dishes served here are made with quality ingredients which are fresh. People usual take away food at this joint as it offers limited seating and it is always crowded.

Tofu Lane

As the name suggests, Tofu Lane is a frequently visited stall in Shenton House. The food found there is super delicious, and it has mile-long queues that begin at 11.30 in the morning. Some of the delicacies at Tofu Lane include dry Yong tau foo and noodles bowl of Yong Tofu, Curry sauce and Special Spicy Soup. Overall the food is delectable and reasonably priced.

Chicken Rice at Yi Ding Hao Food Court

Chicken Rice at Yi Ding Hao Food Court is one of the most sought-after dishes at the Shenton House. You will always find long queues here since the rice is perfectly cooked and the chicken is soft and juicy. The whole meal smells good and tastes heavenly overall, and the chicken just melts in the mouth.

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