Shenton House: Here is What You Need to Know

Globalisation is taking the world to new heights. Choosing the best location will impact your business positively as it will enhance your operations while conforming to environmental regulations and zoning. Commercial buildings come in a wide range of prices and shapes, and Shenton House in Singapore has emerged as one of the ideal places for business growth.

Located on the prime areas of Singapore, Shenton House is a 25-story building that is an abode to many businesses and is bordered by other enterprising ventures like Change Alley Aerial Plaza, Coleurs Pte Ltd, The Arcade and Cold Storage for some amenities like groceries, retail shopping, and banks. Shenton House couldn’t be better placed as there are also learning institutions near it including Columbia Business School, FY Institute of Technology, and Singapore Management University.

Shenton House hosts excellent eateries

Shenton House has several eateries where you can indulge in juicy burgers and succulent steaks among other many scrumptious meals. Vegetarians are well-catered for as there are stalls selling foods fit for them. Food found here include curry puff, herbal tea, and chicken rice, curry rice, char siew rice, and lor mee. The familiar eating places like Amoy Street Food Center, Lau Pa Sat, 7 Raffles Place are also close by.

Condos are also nearby

Individuals carrying out business within this prestigious building can also access condos which are within the vicinity. They include Marina Bay Residences, The Sail @ Marina Bay, One Shenton, Robinson Suites, and Marina One Residences. The building can be accessed quickly as it is connected to the rest of Singapore through Orchard Shopping District which is about 15 minutes’ drive.

The space outlets within this prestigious commercial building are well-maintained with a refurbished office façade which offers a presentable image. The front is made with a sturdy glass material featuring highly efficient layouts, providing the tenants with ample space on their working stations.

How to get to Shenton House

Here are three different ways you can get to Shenton House easily;

Using the MRT – The commercial building is close to downtown (DT17) MRT Station.

By bus – Shenton House is strategically placed near some bus stations that give it the perfect proximity. The channels are found opposite Sia building, The Ogilvy Center, UIC building, and the bus services include 10, 10 E, 97, 97 E among many other operational routes.

While in a car -When using your car you have to pay the parking fees, and the prices vary between 3 dollars from morning until evening each day of the week.

With technology evolving so has business opportunities enhancement proving to be successful in all corners of the world. Proximity is crucial as it allows you to have access to banks and a broad group of people looking for different goods. This approach is what Shenton House has employed, and in turn, all enterprises operating within the building have had a positive spin when it comes to getting prospective customers.

Orchard Road is known to be the busiest and lively place in Singapore where a lot of merchandise is happening. Shenton House being developed near the prime area of the city shows how it will be useful in both the economy of Singapore and connecting ventures within the same area of operation.

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