Satisfied With Your Bed Frame? Here Is Why It Is Time For Change!

If you’ve admired everything during a furniture sale but wish to make the most of a tiny or oddly-shaped space in the home, getting the right pieces will hit the spot.

A Bedside table is an important piece and makes a functional and stylish addition in your bedroom. Bedside tables have multiple purposes, like bringing balance and providing convenient storage in your bedroom’s arrangement. Below is a look at three important things to consider for that perfect nightstand. Some people consider the use of side tables as well.

  1. Height

Buy a nightstand that reaches the top of the mattress to offer a consistent look with a usable level surface. Low-profile beside tables look better for shorter beds. Place the bedside tables several inches away from your bedside to give room for the sheets and blankets to hang and prevent accidental collisions while you sleep on any edge of the bed.

  1. Storage Space

Drawers or shelves in a nightstand provides storage for all your bedside essentials. During a furniture sale, buy a bedside table with several drawers or doors for keeping all essential items out of sight, or choose one with open shelving to display stacks of books or place a basket for holding loose items. And if you prefer, there are sleeker options with no or have one drawers with open construction.

  1. Matching Pieces

In order to achieve a uniform look in the bedroom, consider buying a bedside table as part of your bedroom set. This way you can create a perfectly matching look between the nightstands, dressers, bed, and other bedroom furniture like bed frame. Alternatively, you could mix and match the furniture, by using complementary bedside tables to help keep that cohesive look.

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