5 Excellent Decoration Ideas To Spruce Up Your Event With

No party is complete without amazing decoration designs to complement the theme. There are numerous ideas you can use to come up with unique and perfect decoration for your party. There is no limit to the extent of your creativity, and this makes planning the decorations for your party so much fun. Tapping on the expertise of a professional party planner will ensure your décor is always on point. Décor that is done badly not only makes your party photos look messy and distracting, it will let down the effort put in to other aspects of your party.  One needs to get well-coordinated ideas that are doable and not overly exaggerated. Below are some awesome ideas you can incorporate in your party.

Party Calligraphy Balloons

You can find party calligraphy balloons for birthday parties, wedding parties, Halloween themed parties and any other event. They are made in different sizes, colours and designs.  You can have those that communicate common well wishes such as happy birthday or love. It is also possible to order customised calligraphy balloons to convey your special message. There are many other exciting forms of balloon decoration that can suit your party.

Colourful Streamers

Paper party streamers look interesting and are easy to use especially when organising kids parties. Often paired with paper pom poms, tissue tassels and paper lanterns, these streamers are very affordable and can be bought from Daiso, big-box and other dollar stores. It is also possible to recycle them and re-used them for your next party. They are ideal as you can seek for any colours you need. The material is light and very flexible allowing you to creatively use them to decorate walls, doors and even in outdoor party settings.

Decorative Garlands

Decorative garlands are also perfect ways to decorate a party. You can opt to have your garland made entirely out of balloons or have them styled with flowers as well. Garlands add colour to your party. They are easy to install and can be used to decorate door frames, walls, arches or used to complement other unique decorative items.

The Art of Fabric Draping

Fabric draping is used for decorative purposes vastly. Its application includes decorating tables, chairs, walls, ceilings, arches and other creative designs. There are different materials used for decoration purposes to achieve different outcomes. These techniques are mostly used for parties that are more formal such as weddings or corporate events. Adding it to a baby shower or 1st birthday party can bring an enchanting flair to your little one’s celebration too.

The Use of Party Rentals

To add an aspect of style and uniqueness, you can decide to rent furniture & props to decorate your party. Opting for party rentals is a more environmentally friendly option plus you can get access to these beautiful items at just a fraction of the cost. Props are ideal especially when you want state of the art photography at your party. You can choose elegant tiffany chairs, backdrops, arches or lightings that are uniquely designed and placed strategically to achieve your desired party style. Renting party furniture and props is very affordable and easy.

If you are having a difficult time coming up with decoration ideas, you can hire a professional party planner in Singapore. Party planners have the experience and ways to ensure that you will achieve the best décor for your party.

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